Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund

SIP in Mutual Funds

Setting up a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in mutual funds involves choosing a mutual fund scheme and deciding a fixed amount to invest at regular intervals, like monthly or quarterly. This approach helps in disciplined investing, averaging out market fluctuations, and potentially growing wealth over time through the power of compounding.

Regular and Disciplined Investing
Flexibility and Convenience
Power of Compounding
Diversification and Risk Management

Value Added Features to make your investing simpler for you.

  • SIP Step Up (SIP Top up):
    • automatically increase your SIP amount on periodic basis.
  • SIP Pause:
    • allows to take a break from your investment to meet financial exigencies.
  • Period Till Cancellation (Perpetual SIP):
    • Set up a perpetual SIP and forget the hassle of tracking expiry dates.
  • Auto-renewal of SIP:
    • Option to auto-renew SIPs post completion of selected period.
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