Depository Participants (DP) offers a safe & convenient way to hold securities in electronic form as compared to paper form. It offers freedom from delays, forgeries, settlement risk and paper work. Farsight Group provides an integrated single platform for our clients ensuring a quick, risk free and efficient process. We are participants of Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). We believe in efficient, cost-effective and integrated fixed deposit services support to our brokerage business India. Farsight , as a Depository Participant, offers depository accounts to individual investors as well as corporate houses, which enables them to trade in the dematerialized environment. We are one of the few Depository Participants offering depository facilities for commodities. We are empanelled with MCX and spot exchanges.

Our services:

Dematerialisation service where physical shares certificates, debentures, and bonds are converted into electronics form. Rematerialisation services where dematerialized shares, debentures, bonds are converted into physical form. Conversion of Mutual fund units where mutual fund units represented by Statement of Account is converted into electronic balances. Delivery Instruction slip processing where shares are transferred to Pool account in case of Market sell through brokers or Off-mkt/Inter DP Transfer. Pledge/Hypothecation Instruction processing where loans can be availed of by pledging electronic shares and commodities.

Additional services:

SPEED-e facility for electronic submission of Delivery Instructions. SMS alert facility for debits, credit, IPO credits, sub-division and bonus of shares and overdue status. Corporate benefits such as bonus/dividend gets credited directly into demat account.

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