With the introduction of Online Trading in the Indian market, buying and selling of financial instruments is now just a click away.

Farsight Online offers you a complete Financial Hub that allows you to trade in a diverse range of products and services addressing all your financial needs. Our customers get the opportunity to trade in Equities, Commodities, Currency Futures, apply for IPOs and invest in Mutual Fund.

At Farsight, we believe in connecting with our clients to deliver highly professional, real-time and streamlined services that are tailored to their needs. Our Online platform caters to the requirements of both amateur and seasoned traders. As ‘Beginners’ the clients get to learn the basics of trading at our Knowledge Centre, while as a ‘Seasoned’ trader they can use the leeway given many times intra-day exposure to your advantage.

We at Farsight believe that time is money, and therefore the features of our online trading platform have been designed to make investing in financial instruments more time efficient. Investors, no longer have to read through numerous books and websites to garner information before making an investment. We provide in-depth reports across economies, industries, sectors and financial instruments, to help clients make well informed decisions.

Multiple Payment Gateways with Online Exposure management ensuresSTP ( Straight Through Processing) experience to the investors. We are committed to offer our clients the best-in-class services, latest online products and state-of-the art technology. So get empowered and enrich your experience by opening yourself to a whole new world of possibilities with Farsight Our services – Complete Financial Hub for Equities, Derivatives, Currency Futures, IPOs and Mutual Fund Convenience of integrating your Bank, Trading and Demat accounts with attractive and flexible brokerage options.

Unique offering available to our online customers across India by any of our Farsight branches. The offerings include:

  • Cheque receipt and deposit
  • Funds payout request and cheque disbursement
  • Stock payout request
  • Profile change request for demographic changes in the Trading account and Depository account
  • Closure of Trading or Depository accounts
    Exposure upto 10 times* on your margin Allowing you the freedom to trade without hassles throughout the day without having to worry about your cash margin. You can get exposure (on cash segment) as high as 10 times for intraday trades. * conditions apply.

Online access to Back-office reports, through login with your USERID. The investors get to track their financials, trades and investments, any time with convenience. They can also get online reports of Financials, Net Position, Contract Notes, Settlement Bills, Delivery Reports and Profit & Loss statements.

Research mailer and SMS, offered by our research team covering equity analysis , IPO Research, Mutual Fund research and Buy/Sell recommendations of Stocks and Derivatives, estimates and enhanced analytics.

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