Overseas corporate Demat Account

Why Foreign Corporate demat account is needed?

All listed and public company have to keep their securities in demat form.
- AC opening ( Individual / Non Individual , Corporate )

Trade, corporate action, succession can be done only in demat form

DP of both NSDL and CDSL

Nomination/KYC/KRA modification across all companies in which securities are held.

- Margin Pledge and Re-pledge.

Safe and convenient way to hold securities

eDIS facility ( Electronic Delivery Instruction Slip )
- No need to issue POA
- No need to generate a TPIN for each transaction
- No need to worry about privacy & safety

Avail Whatsapp service 24*7
(just send ur DP Client ID on 8595829968)

DPID#1 For Balance
DPID#4 For Holding

To open Foreign Corporate Demat account
You can reach us at - customercare@farsightshares.com
Farsight Customer care business account

Whatsapp 24*7